The Pretzkin Harness

Give Your Dog the Support it Needs.

The Pretzkin Harness was designed for Dachshunds, Corgi's, Terriers, and other small to medium dogs. Cats too. It's comfortable with no restrictive straps around their paws allowing more freedom but keeps you in control of the walk.

Benefits of The Pretzkin Harness

A Balanced Fit

Conventional collars place a great deal of stress on the neck. The Pretzkin Harness's design allows for the spine, legs, and lower torso to be evenly supported on a leash.

Offers more than a conventional Harness

The Pretzkin Harness is designed for those little escape artists too. Difficult to wriggle out of this one.

Comfort & Support

The leash ring is positioned to put less strain on neck and does not have to be too tight giving your pet the comfort and support it deserves.

How It Works

The Pretzkin Harness added a third strap for better support to their lower back. It's easy to use on and off in seconds. All the straps are adjustable and can be made longer or shorter. The straps should not be too tight but snug enough so you can slip a finger between The Harness and your pet.

The video above will explain other features of the Pretzkin Harness and you are welcome to ask any questions using the contact form below.


  • Harness arrived today, it looks better than the one I’m using at the moment.
  • It fits perfectly! I am ordering another one for my other dachshund!
  • Pleased with this item’s GREAT design! Fast shipping, highly recommended!
  • Very nice harness. It fits my mini-dachsie very nicely.
  • My puppy’s name is Mickey, he used to bite with the previous harness, but with this new one he doesn’t. Greatest creation ever. My dachshund hated things around his arms & this is perfect!
  • Thanks, one happy pup, great design and much better than any other type!

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*Thank you to the Seminole County Animal Services for their dogs used in the pictures.