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A Balanced Fit

Conventional collars place a great deal of stress on the neck. The Pretzkin Harness's design allows for the spine, legs, and lower torso to be evenly supported on a leash.

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Free Leg Movement

The Pretzkin Harness is designed to give your dog free leg movement. With no obstructions on the leash, there is no worry of getting their legs caught and causing injury.

Comfort & Support (top box 3) 

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Comfort & Support

The leash ring is positioned in the center to reduce the strain on the neck avoiding the possibility of injury. The Pretzkin Harness is easy to use and slips on and off in seconds.



The  Pretzkin harness was designed for dachshunds, corgi's, terriers, and other small dogs. Cats too. The Harness offers a balanced fit, lower back support and is escape proof too for those little escape artists. It is comfortable with no restrictive straps around the dogs paws this allows your pet to walk more freely but keeps you in control of the leash. Give your pet the support it needs with a Pretzkin Harness. Perfect for any small dog, available in red!

- Well Balanced Fit
- Unrestricted Leg Movement
- Leash Ring Reduces Neck Strain
- Back Support
- Quick and Easy On/Off


Our product was designed especially for a mini Dachshunds who need a balanced fit for their long back. We also kept in mind that some small dogs can be little escape artists but they won’t escape from this harness if put on correctly. It also allows free leg movement for a happier walk with you still in control.


*Thank you to the Seminole County Animal Services for their dogs used in the pictures.

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